The River Hills Community Church Life Team stands with our brothers and sisters in Christ while providing for the practical needs of the body. Small group leaders, the Elder Board, and other ministries help to communicate these needs to the team.

Our mission is to serve, while our goal is to care for all in our church body, "serving others for joy and His honor."

Here are some of the ways we serve:

  • We welcome a new baby and congratulate their family on the Sunday following their birth with a rose placed on the lectern. Small group members or the church life team provide meals to the family during the first few days after the birth.
  • An inventory of disposable supplies is stored and maintained in our warming kitchen for use at all church and ministry functions. Coffee, tea, and condiments for Sunday hospitality is also furnished.
  • The team coordinates church potlucks and other opportunities for hospitality - for example, baptisms. (As a side note, we've outgrown our existing fellowship area, therefore potlucks and other food-related events are temporarily suspended. These events will resume pending the finishing of our fellowship hall in the lower level.
  • Some members of our community, mostly college students, are away for extended periods of time. We are establishing ways of serving them through notes of encouragement and care packages.
  • Circumstances in the lives of our church family call us to provide for physical needs. These needs can range from help such as moving, repair work, tutoring and more, to providing meals, food, household furnishings and more. Each situation is different, sometimes requiring confidentiality in addition to help and prayer. Working with the elder board and, when applicable, a small group leader, we strive to provide for these needs.
  • Funeral luncheons are in the planning stages, but we have already provided luncheons off-site for families who have suffered a loss.

As stated, we are evolving to provide for our growing church community. If you feel called to serve your brothers and sisters in any of these areas or would like to share a new need, please contact Chris Finley, team coordinator, at:

Please join with us in prayer for all the lives within River Hills Community Church.