Why Join a Small Group?

First of all, a person only delights in God as the result of a miracle that God does in that person’s heart. However, He uses people to perform that miracle. Much like a sports fan delights in their favorite team, their joy is often increased when they spend time with other fans. If we will begin to spend time with those who delight in God, just maybe we will learn to delight in Him as well. 

We are persuaded that people learn to delight in God by being connected to His people. We believe this because: 

  • Christ dwells in and with His people (Ephesians 1: 20-21) 
  • We learn best what we see lived out (I Cor. 11:1, Philippians 3: 17) 
  • The world we live in does not encourage us to delight in God (I John 2: 15-17 & 5: 19) 
  • God’s people are an instrument of God’s love (1 Peter 4:9-11)

Find A Small Group

We have numerous small groups available - there's definitely one near you! Find a group near you from the list below and contact the leader to find out more. Or, you can always contact Pastor Steve Krug and he can help you find the right group for you.

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Leader Meeting Days/Times Current Study Contact
Kevin Behringer Every Other Wednesday - 6:45 pm TBD 262.581.6503